How To Connect With Food and Beverage Distributors

How To Connect With Food and Beverage Distributors

Connecting with distribution companies to supply food and beverages to the store is not an easy task. Still, you can make an easy one by following some guidelines and considering some factors.

A proper outline of the food and beverage supply chain firstly, before looking for connections with food and beverage distributors. This process will depend on the concept you want to apply to your store.

National Wholesale Food distributors: You can find most of the items needed for foodservice outlets in the stores of national wholesale food distributors. They have meat, fresh produce, snacks, beverages, etc. They work with a large number of farmers and manufacturers to provide a wide variety of items to choose from, so you are not without options.

Building relationships with National wholesale food distributors might be a little tricky.

Farmers: Depending on the products you are looking for, connecting with farmers can be a good option, especially if the store in question is a restaurant. They provide fresh ingredients, but there is likely to be a higher price, and only items that are in season would be available.

Local Food Markets: When food beverages do not go to national food wholesalers, they might end up at the local food markets. They provide fresh ingredients for cooking in restaurants, as well as, fresh fruits and vegetables. While shopping at local food markets can be time-consuming, building relationships or connections is a lot easier.

Other suppliers in the chain include organic suppliers, butchers, beer suppliers, and wine suppliers. The relationship you will build will depend on the nature of your store. Connecting with food and beverage suppliers depend on the business plan and the pre-planned labor costs.

Here are ways to connect with food and beverage distributors:

One connection at a time: Once you have determined items for the outlet or store, the next thing is to look for a supplier that can supply all you need. It is important to start with a few items before you begin to diversify. Find the supplier or distributor, stick with them and forge a working relationship that will last.

Get Just Enough Quotes: Get supply quotes from suppliers (three to five is advisable) to determine the which will be your partner. Don’t look for too many quotes to avoid confusion.

Settle on A Distributor as Quickly as Possible: Taking too long to decide to work with a distributor can paint any business unserious, and unready for the market.

Nurture Relationships: Choose a distributor; prioritize face to face contact with them. Always make sure they understand you are passionate about what you do. They will be more inclined to offer discounts this way.  

Fostering a connection with distributors will help a new food distribution business catch up with the rest in no time.