List of Wholesale Food and Beverage Distributors

List of Wholesale Food and Beverage Distributors

A wholesaler company is an establishment that sells products to retailers, contractors, and institutional and commercial users. Wholesalers can sell any products ranging from food to electronics.


A wholesale distributor runs an independently owned business that takes ownership of products from the manufacturer and, in turn, sells it to a network of retailers. Usually, the business operates out of a warehouse where the goods are received and later shipped to customers for a profit.

Wholesalers are an integral part of the food and beverage business supply chain. Mostly, they buy products from manufacturers at a below-retail price and deliver them to retailers.


Getting informed and educated about the business is the first step to becoming a wholesaler. A lack of knowledge before setting up a business will lead to losses. It is important to be versed in this sector before venturing into business.

  • Decide what to sell. A potential distributor should select, with caution, the category of products that he or she wishes to sell.
  • Develop an effective business strategy. Source for different distribution strategies, carry out detailed research on the one that would benefit your potential business.
  • Determine how profitable the business is.
  • Open a business account, apply for a tax identification number, and obtain necessary licensing.
  • Lastly, arrange for funding if you are positive that the business can be successful. The distributorship business is a reliable one as long as you understand the profession well and follow these steps carefully.


To be considered a functional food and beverage wholesale distributor, one must be able to provide high-quality food, take cognizance of food safety, and offer ingredients at a reasonable price.

Below are some reliable wholesale food distributors in the United States:


Founded in 1926, McDonald wholesale has been delivering exceptional food to restaurants for nearly a century. They provide nationally branded products like Conagra and Lamb Weston.  McDonald’s specializes in local food distributions; they offer dairy sales, bar supplies, and more to restaurants, institutions in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.


This is a full-service convenience store distributor for ordering groceries, candies, and tobacco items. Some of their brands are Slim Jim, Jif peanut butter, Marlboro


Sysco is a leader in distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare, institutions, and hospitality centers. This company possesses more than 320 distribution facilities around the world and caters to more than 650,000 customers.


This is a family-owned food business committed to providing foods of the highest quality in national and exclusive brands.

Using quality ingredients is a requirement for the success of any food business. Therefore, choosing the right wholesale supplier is an important business decision.