Food and Beverage Distributorship

Food and Beverage Distributorship

“A hungry man is an angry man”. There is no doubt that food is essential to human life.  Apart from being a source of hydration and energy, beverages also serve as a source of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other carbohydrates. Globally, the food and beverage industry is worth over 8 trillion U.S. dollars, which makes up over 10 percent of the world’s GDP and more than 372 billion dollars in the U.S. each year.  Despite the recent economic downturn, the global food and beverage industry continues to grow at a steady pace.

Food and beverage services or distributorship can be defined as the process of preparing, presenting, and serving food and beverage products to customers. Some of the well-known food and beverage distributors in the United States are U.S. foods, Heineken, Tyson foods amongst others


  • Delivery schedules.

Food delivery companies are continually looking for ways to adhere to delivery schedules to meet customers’ needs. They have to innovate ideas on how to minimize fuel, labor costs, and deliver inventory to end-retailers.

  • Development of new Distribution strategies

As the industry continues to grow, food distribution businesses need to find new recipes for success to retain their customers.

  • Complexity of the supply chain

There are several layers to the food and beverage distribution supply chain. This could sometimes lead to disorder in business. Distributors need transparency in the supply chain. The distribution model is based on direct supplier relationships, but there is also a massive gap of separation as the chain goes.


As your food business develops, it may no longer be efficient to handle all associated transportation and distribution tasks by yourself. Distributors will relieve you of this business-related stress, either as a producer, or a retail outlet. As a manufacturer, the task of transporting your products to consumers becomes that of the distributor. If you are looking to take your food or beverage sales to the next level, it is a great idea to consider going through a food distributor. Distributors could market your products nationally, locally, or introduce the product to a unique market of consumers. There are many distributors, and trying to determine the best one for your business can be confusing.

Here’s a tip to make your search easier:

To find the right distributor for your business, collect information by consulting experts in your line of food business. Consider multiple options of distributors to get precisely what you need.  Pick the right distributor, and they will have enough influence to introduce your products to a broader audience.