Florida Food and Beverage Distributors

Florida Food and Beverage Distributors

Florida is home to more than 20 million people and is the third-largest state in America. Demand for groceries, food, snacks, and beverages is high in Florida. While there are hotspots of activities in some areas more than others, distributors can craft out a business wherever they choose. 

Certain parts of Florida, such as Miami, are tourist hotspots. Setting up a food service in such an area will be lucrative. Some of the food services can include restaurants and snack bars. Others include grocery shops and supermarkets. However, you cannot do this without foodservice distributors.  

Foodservice distributors in Florida may not necessarily need to move long distances to distribute food items to foodservice companies. Florida might be big but have a relatively small landmass compared to other states. Also, economic activities are focused in more areas than others. 

Some areas may not require many visits. One of the determining factors in looking out for food and beverage distributors in beverage distributors is the variety of foods they carry. The community where the foodservice company is should also be considered, especially if they favor a certain kind of product to others. 

Here are some of the food distributors in Florida:

LE group Industries: Le group industries are a food and beverage distribution company located in Florida. They have a worldwide reach and stock some of the best combinations of food, snack, and beverage products. Supermarkets, snack bars, grocery shops, and other foodservice outlets can choose from this exclusive variety of items. Apart from distributing food in the United States, they distribute food internationally from the United States.  

Jack Scalisi Wholesale: Jack Scalisi Wholesale is a wholesale distributor of fruit and food produce located in Florida. They have been in business for over thirty years. They distribute their products in and around South Florida. Jack Scalisi Wholesale distributes more than 400 different fresh produce and fruits in Florida and around the world, daily.  

Jack Scalisi Wholesale also specializes in importing and distributing Asian foods. 

Food Services of America: Food Services of America is a company founded and established in Miami, Florida. Food Services of America manly supply food products, snacks, and beverages to supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants to other foodservice outlets. Food Service of America is one of the leading companies in the marketing and distribution of different varieties of meat products, dairy products. They also distribute other food product that is grain and cereal-based. Examples of these foods are corn quinoa. Food Service of America is now a part of US foods. 

Kehe Distributors: Kehe distribution company is a distribution company with 16 distribution centers located in North America, including Florida. Kehe distributors is a fresh, organic, and natural specialty food distributor and possess one of the largest distribution networks in North America.